Orbit Connected was created to fulfill the needs of business owners, fleet managers and consumers. Orbit has assembled a portfolio of high quality GPS equipment that ranges from rechargeable track and trace units to commercial-grade fully integrated video GPS-based solutions. Our GPS video equipment allows for remote vehicle monitoring, positive driver identification, and video telematic data capture. Our professional grade software platform is it is both intuitive and easy to use, plus it provides data retrieval for regulatory compliance, vehicle insurance, and driver performance purposes. 


Track and Trace.  Orbit has assembled a line up of high quality, GPS telematic devices (GPS only) that includes small GPS rechargeable units for tracking containers and packages, hard-wired devices for commercial vehicles, as well as GPS devices with exceptional long battery life before recharging is required, common applications include RV and heavy equipment monitoring. All sales include software monitoring tools and data transmission and software usage. For more info, please visit our product store and purchase with the confidence of knowing that all equipment is guaranteed for 2 years.  

GPS Video Telematics.  Video Telematics is the industry name for real time video monitoring combined with GPS location and time stamping. There are many applications and benefits associated with Video Telematics with risk management, fleet analytics, employee monitoring and compliance adherence named as frequent motivations.

Our GPS video systems include rugged, high-quality equipment plus a choice of powerful software platforms that can handle any number of vehicles. Our proprietary software platforms provide  real-time monitoring, incident capture and data storage. Our software allows fleet managers to effortlessly generate a wide variety of helpful reports that include driver time cards, mileage reports, incident reports, maintenance schedules and more. In addition to the wealth of data that for improving efficiencies, commercial users should not overlook the well-documented return on investment (ROI). There are numerous published studies that show the return on investment from video telematics can be as great as 100% in the first 12 months with the majority of users reporting 30% to 40% per annum.   

Customers. Our primary markets include consumers, new car, recreational vehicle and truck dealerships, municipalities, and small to medium size service and delivery companies, with a special emphasis on regulated businesses and businesses that transport high-value goods.  


Experience. While Orbit Connected was formed to focus primarily on GPS monitoring, historical tracking, and video GPS telematic solutions, we benefit from the wealth of experience provided by our sister company. Our sister company has sold and installed over 1,500,000  GPS starter interrupt and GPS units over the past 20 years. In fact, our risk management technology has been featured in reports seen on NBC, CBS, and ABC as well in articles published in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and numerous other national news and business publications.