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Orbit Connected

Real time GPS Monitoring for Small Business, Fleet-lite & Fleet. 

GPS Track & Trace, GPS Plug-n-Play, GPS Video Cameras

Orbit Connected has a solution for virtually every GPS tracking need! 

Orbit Connected through its GPS Discount Store offers high quality GPS tracking equipment for vehicles, high-value assets, and company employees. When combined with our world-class proprietary software monitoring system provides an unbeatable combination.

 The Orbit Connected monitoring platform is available for computers as well as in Android and Apple apps for when you are on the go.  Our cloud-based platform is robust and secure in addition it is easy use and intuitive to learn. We offer several competitively priced service bundles that are based upon common needs. For clients with more advanced needs such as logistics and driver behavior analytics, we can custom tailor our tracking program to your specifications. And if you are new to GPS tracking, Orbit also offers its customers instructional videos that allow you to learn at your own pace.

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Real time monitoring, historical tracking, alerts, notifications, reports and much more!  

For businesses with complex tracking needs, Orbit offers customized solutions that range from advanced GPS devices with Bluetooth sensor integration to GPS video systems. In addition to custom solutions, we offer discounts for orders of 10 or more units. Call 951-366-1222 for details. 

Orbit Connected - The GPS Discount Store

Orbit Connected offers high quality GPS devices from leading manufactures along with cost effective service plans that include bundled data transmission with our industry-leading, monitoring software. The Orbit cloud-based monitoring software is extremely user-friendly and extremely popular, hosting more than 2,500,000 devices world- wide.  

In addition to selling high quality GPS devices and GPS video systems from leading manufacturers, the Orbit Connected (TM)  GPS Discount Store (TM)  offers popular service plans for real time monitoring and tracking.  Our economy plans offer just what you need without forcing you to pay for unnecessary extras while our higher service plans offer desirable features such as notifications, alerts, reports and more. In addition to our standard service plans, businesses, fleet-lite and fleet operators will love that we can custom-tailor our monitoring software to fit even the most demanding needs, to include sensor monitoring, Bluetooth device integration, and more. 


GPS service plans start as low as $14.95 per month. To learn more, please click here.  

Our full line of GPS devices range from rechargeable GPS track & trace, GPS plug-n-play to GPS video cameras. If you have any questions regarding our products, need a quote for a custom installation, or if you would like special pricing for fleet purchases with 10 or more units, please do not hesitate to call 951-366-1222. 

All of our GPS devices provide real-time tracking capabilities and require data transmission for use with our cloud-based software. Orbit Connected offers both packaged service plans and a la carte solutions to meet complex needs.  There are no contracts and no setup or cancellation fees with our packaged service plans! Customized packages that required additional programming, device testing and training maybe subject to set up fees and training fees.

Call 1-951-366-1222 for details.  Orbit Connected, Temecula, CA 92592

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Special Offer! For a limited time, Orbit will throw in a free

Micron AT Plus with any purchase of GPS equipment of over $100. 

Offer does not include free data; monthly services charges apply. 

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Demo Unit Sale! Available 2 Units. SmartWitness 2 Camera System Featuring CP-2 with SVA 040. This is a forward-facing and driver facing set with advanced features.

Regularly $795, demo price just $495. Comes with full manufacturer's

warranty.  Monthly service plan required. 

Available 1 Unit. Smartwitness 4 Camera System Featuring CP-4, SVA040, SVA-045, and 2 SVA032.  Regularly $995, demo price just $695. This 4-camera system includes forward-facing, driver facing and 2 mini cams for the cargo or passengers.  Comes with

full manufacturer's warranty.  The offer does not include professional

installation, monthly service charges apply.  Call 1-951-366-1222 for details.

Orbit Locator

 Why buy GPS devices when you can convert smart devices to GPS trackers? 

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$6.95 per device/ per month. 

Add Orbit Locator enabled smart devices to your Orbit monitoring account. 

Open your account now

Orbit Locator is an excellent solution for tracking employees in large work areas like farms, construction sites, landscaping, car lots, campuses, warehouses, and more. 

Just add the intended smart device to your Orbit monitoring account. Now you are ready for tracking both the phone's GPS signal and the phone's cell signal (LBS tracking) after adding the enabled device to your account.


The advantages of using the device's cell signal for tracking are twofold. 1. it acts as a standby default for tracking in those instances when the phone cannot access a GPS signal.  2. cell signals permit indoor tracking with good accuracy.

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