All of our GPS video cameras require professional installation in order to validate the product warranty. Additionally, many customers who purchase hardwired GPS telematic devices (no video) may opt for a professional installation to ensure proper functioning as well as for convenience.  Of course professional installation is not required for our portable GPS and GPS plugin devices. 

The device installation cost is not included with the device purchase price. The customer is solely responsible for paying the installer at the time of installation.  


Orbit Connected belongs to a national network of professional installers who are factory trained experts with years of experience. We can accommodate installation requests in almost every state and city/town in the continental U.S. In addition to nationwide coverage, our installers can be scheduled to meet you at your location of preference, whether that be at home, work or some other suitable location. An additional travel charge will apply for locations when the round trip is greater than 75 miles from the installer's shop to the specified installation location.  


Installations need to be scheduled in advance of device purchase and in most instances can completed within 48 hours after GPS device delivery. All devices will be shipped to the customer upon purchase and the customer is responsible for paying the installer at the time of arrival.


Our standard charge for GPS telematic hardwired devices and one and two camera systems are as indicated below. All three or more camera systems are considered custom installations and the quoted charge is based upon complexity of the installation and required additional accessories such as special adapters and extension cables, etc.  Orbit Connected also reserves the right to increase charges for hardwired and one and two camera systems in vehicles that present special challenges, to include custom fabrication and/or special adapters and extension cables. Most hardwired GPS devices and one and two camera systems require approximately 1 hour to complete. Custom installations may require longer. 

GPS Telematic Hardwired Device $125.00

 1 Camera Installation $125.00

 2 Camera Installation $150.00

 3 or More Camera Installation: Call 951-366-1222