Orbit Locator

Convert Your Smartphone Into a GPS Tracking Device

* Only works on the Orbit Connected Monitoring Platform. 

Use the Orbit Connected monitoring platform to employees, club members, students, and family members. Just download the Orbit Locator app and add the device to your Orbit Connected monitoring account and start tracking.

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The Orbit Locator app is convenient and easy to use. Just load the app onto any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Next, add the phone to your Orbit monitoring account for tracking both the phone's GPS signal and the phone's cell signal. The advantage of using the phone's cell signal for tracking is twofold. 1. it acts as a standby default for tracking in those instances when the phone cannot access a GPS signal.  2. cell signals permit indoor tacking. This is an excellent solution for tacking employees in large work areas like farms, construction sites, car lots, campuses, warehouses, and more. 


*Please note, the Orbit Locator app requires permission from the enabled device owner. The app must be added to their device and they must enable it to be tracked by the monitoring account owner. 

Below is the Orbit Connected monitoring application for both computer and mobile devices. The monitoring software app is how the account owner is able to monitor and track GPS devices and Orbit Locator equipped phones. The software is a robust cloud-based application that includes many powerful features. For additional information on the monitoring software, please visit the Software tab.  

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