Real-time GPS telematics  and GPS video telematics only work if you have a service plan to transmit GPS location, time, video feed, and other data to our server. Once on the data is on the server, our proprietary software application allows you to view and to interpret the data from each of your GPS devices. In addition to near real-time monitoring, our proprietary software application can run a variety of manual reports and automated reports. (see our helpful video for additional details)    

Orbit offers numerous different service plan options.  Our standard plans are designed to fit the needs of most consumers and small businesses, by offering just the services you need without making you pay for features that you don't want. These plans include the ability to add popular GPS devices and Orbit Locator as needed. 


No Contracts, No Set-up Fees, No Cancellation Fees!  

Important: All Orbit GPS devices require both airtime and software to function, this means that your device will not operate unless you also purchase one of the plans below. 

Choose Your Data Plan

  • Orbit Locator

    Every month
    Add any Orbit Locator Enabled Device To Your Account
    • No GPS Device Necessary, Just Convert Your Smart Device
    • No contract or setup and cancellation fees.
    • Tracks both indoors and outdoors.
  • Logistics App.

    Every month
    This is the perfect add-on for delivery businesses!
    • Works with any Plan 1.2 or higher
    • Automatically calculates the shortest routes.
    • Track one GPS device or an entire fleet.
    • Extremely cost effective way to acquire logistics.
  • GPS Service Plan 2.0

    Every month
    For GPS Camera Packages
    • Real-time video monitoring with all GP Cameras.
    • Drivers, Notifications, Reports.
  • GPS Video +Logistics

    Every month
    Perfect for delivery businesses.
    • For GPS video telemetric systems.
    • Automatically calculates the shortest route.
    • Extremely powerful software that includes driver analytics.