Real time GPS telematics  and GPS video telematics only work if you have a cellular data plan (airtime) to transmit GPS location, time, video feed, and other data to our server. Once on the data is on the server, our proprietary software application allows you to view and to interpret the data from each of your GPS devices. In addition to near real-time monitoring, our proprietary software application can run a variety of manual reports and automated reports. (see software for additional details)    


Below are the various airtime options for the Bloodhound series of asset trackers and plug-n-play units. Also displayed are the airtime options for GPS video devices. The various plans are tailored for the indicated devices and are intended to maximize their built-in capabilities. The most basic plan is GPS telematic only with logistics .  . All GPS camera purchases require professional installation to activate the manufacturer's warranty. See Installation for additional details

Important: All Orbit GPS devices require both airtime and software to function, this means that your device will not operate unless you also purchase one of the plans below.