Recommended for Individuals, Small Businesses, and Large Businesses. 


The Bloodhound 1000 is a rechargeable GPS tracker that is ideal for both consumer and commercial usages. Don't let its small size fool you as it is packed with many important features that give it uncommon flexibility for a wide variety of applications. What makes the Bloodhound 1000 unique is its ground-breaking, proprietary WiFi technology for indoor tracking applications. 

In addition to tracking its location, it also does the following when fully enabled: 

  • WiFi for indoor tracking.  

  • accelerometer that signals hard braking and aggressive acceleration and cornering.

  • thermometer capable sending alerts when the temperature exceeds or falls below set thresholds. 

  • light sensor that sends a signal if a container is opened. 

  • SOS button in the event of an emergency. 


Frequent usages include tracking high value goods in sealed containers, tracking temperature sensitive goods, tracking vehicles, computer cases, briefcases, luggage, handbags, backpacks and even children. See what unique applications you can think of and let us know!  

Bloodhound 1000 With WiFi