The Bloodhound 2000 is portable plug-in GPS tracker that can be either hardwired or used as a plug & play unit with its adaptor cable. This unit is ideal for small business and large businesses seeking an affordable GPS solution that is both flexible and easy to use.

The Bloodhound 2000 includes the following features, making it a great bargain for the price. 

  • Reliable operation and ease of use

  •  1 (4G)

  • Backup battery 

  • Advanced power management

  • 3-Axis accelerometer

  • easily moved from one vehicle to another

  • ignition and starter interrupt outputs

  • built in antennae

  • low power consumption

Additional important features such as driver time card, harsh braking, coronering and acceleration notification and route optimization may be available subject to airtime and software choices. 

Bloodhound 2000