The Orbit Connected GPS Service Plan 2.0 provides all the great features that you expect from Orbit Connected products. Our proprietary monitoring platform is cloud-based and is capable of tracking 1 or 1,000 GPS video camera equipped vehicles. In addition to real-time monitoring, our software includes the following useful features that save time and money.


Event History, Location History, Set Ge-fences, Driver Reports, Mileage Reports, Detailed Events, Inactivity Reports, Timecards, User Activity, Speeding Alerts, Trip Reports, Driver Score Card, and More.


In addition to the great features listed above, there are numerous published case studies proving that video GPS provides real savings and a positive return on investment of 30% per annum and more. Here are just two reasons for GPS video.


  • Knowing where your drivers are and what they are doing always improves efficiency.
  • Video evidence from a forward-facing incident camera reduces staged accident insurance claims by up to 97%. Most scam artists immediately withdraw once their lawyer is notified that your company has video evidence. Published studies indicate this can save more than $90,000 in legal bills per incident.

GPS Video Service Plan 2.0

  • All GPS video cameras and mini-DVRs sold by the GPS Discount Store are compatible with our monitoring software platform. This includes all Smartwitness and Streamax cameras.

  • Orbit Connected requires automatic billing for monthly software subscription charges. The first month is prepaid at the point of sale and your account is not activated until your GPS camera is delivered and installed. Upon the completion of your purchase an invoice will be sent via email that includes auto-billing registration instructions. Your monthly automatic monthly billing date is the same calendar day as your GPS installation date for each successive month until the account is closed.


    When you wish to close your account, just submit a cancellation notice or call Orbit Connected and your account will be shut off on the last day of your current billing cycle. Accordingly, customers will not receive any partial month or pro-rata refunds for unused data transmission and software usage. Cancellation notices should be received 72 hours prior to your next billing date to assure timely processing.