OBDII Pass-through 2 pin; 16 pin M to F Adaptor with 2 pin power cable. 


High quality adaptor cable the keeps the vehicles OBDII port open to access for other diagnostic equipment.  In addition to freeing up the OBDII Port, these high-quality cables also greatly speed up installation and eliminate the chances for damage due to improperly splicing into the vehicle's electrical harness.  The two-pin pigtail provides 12 volt postitive and negative for a direct plugin to power Suntech GPS devices, see example.  Adapter cable only, the pictured GPS device is not included. 


Installers and dealers, call for discounts on purchases of 10 or more cables. 


OBDII Adapter Cable

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    If for any reason an Orbit Connected adaptor cable is defective or fails, send it back for a replacement.


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