No Contracts, No Setup Fees, and No Cancellation Fees. *    

Pay for what you need and want and nothing else.


Track any number of GPS telematic devices purchased from the GPS Discount Store
Real time monitoring
Historical tracking
90 data retrieval

The Orbit Connected Service Plan 1.0 is our basic monitoring and historical tracking program with 90 days of data retention. The Orbit Connected monitoring software for computer is cloud-based, plus we offer Orbit Mobile in both Android and Apple for when you are on the go. Monthly auto billing is required. 


Plan 1.0 provides real time monitoring and historical tracking for any number of GPS devices registered with your Orbit Connected monitoring account. For example, if you wish to track 5 GPS telematic devices, this requires five (5) subscriptions, one for each GPS device to be monitored. Different types of GPS devices may be monitored in the same account, allowing you to mix and match rechargeable units, battery units, and plug-in units. 


Please note all GPS telematic devices that you wish to monitor must be purchased from the Orbit Connected GPS Discount Store.  If you are interested in purchasing 10 or more GPS devices, call 1-951-366-1222 for additional information.  


*No contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees apply to all Orbit Connected standard billing plans. Additional charges may apply for customers who purchase customized service plans with advanced features that require special programming, device testing, and advanced software training.  

Service Plan 1.0

  • The Orbit Connected Plan 1.0 supports all GPS telematic devices sold in our GPS Discount Store.  Popular choices include Suntech ST4500, Suntech ST 4940B, Suntech ST 4910, and Micron AT Plus. 


    The Plan 1.0 does not support Orbit Locator or GPS video telematic devices.  Customers interested in adding Orbit Locator, please click here. Customers who are interested in GPS video should look at our GPS Video Plan Series.