Why buy GPS devices when you can use your smartphone or tablet for GPS tracking?


Here's what you get with Orbit Locator


* Real-time monitoring
* Historical tracking with 1 year of data retention

* Create Users

* Add Units (additional subscriptions required)

* Set Geo-fences and receive notifications for entering and leaving
* Set Speed Limitys and receive speeding alerts
* SOS button
* Remote Battery sensor
* Private Chat and more.


The Orbit Locator app is convenient and easy to use. Just load the app onto any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Next, add the phone to your Orbit Connected monitoring account for tracking both the phone's GPS signal and the phone's cell signal (LBS). The advantage of using the phone's cell signal for tracking is twofold. 1. it acts as a standby default for tracking in those instances when the phone cannot access a GPS signal. 2. cell signals permit indoor tacking. This is an excellent solution for tracking employees in large work areas like farms, construction sites, car lots, campuses, warehouses, and more.


If you wish to mix and match GPS devices with Orbit Locator enabled smart devices, choose any Service Plan 1.2 or higher for the GPS devices and then purchase Orbit Locator separately. We will combine the order into a single monitoring account for your convenience. Please remember to purchase the same number of subscriptions as the number of devices that you wish to monitor and track.


*No contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees apply to all Orbit Connected standard billing plans. Additional charges may apply for customers who purchase customized plans with advanced features that require special programming, device testing, and advanced software training.

Orbit Locator Service Plan

$7.95 Regular Price
$6.95Sale Price
  • Orbit Locator also works with any service plan 1.2. or higher.  If at any time you wish to upgrade your service plan, all enabled Orbit Locator devices will automatically be added to the new account unless otherwise specified.  Your new plan charges will not go into effect until your next billing anniversary date.