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The Orbit Service Plan 1.2 allows you to track any number of GPS telematic devices purchased from the GPS Discount Store as well as Orbit Locator enabled smart devices.  


Real-time monitoring
Historical tracking
365 days of data retention
Speeding Alerts
SOS with enabled devices
Battery sensor
Private Chat and more. 

The Orbit Locator app is convenient and easy to use. Just load the app onto any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Next, add the phone to your Orbit monitoring account for tracking both the phone's GPS signal and the phone's cell signal (LBS). The advantage of using the phone's cell signal for tracking is twofold. 1. it acts as a standby default for tracking in those instances when the phone cannot access a GPS signal.  2. cell signals permit indoor tacking. This is an excellent solution for tacking employees in large work areas like farms, construction sites, car lots, campuses, warehouses, and more.  


If you wish to mix and match, please choose any Service Plan 1.2 or higher and then purchase the number of Orbit Locator plans that match the number of devices that you would like to add to your monitoring account. For example, if you wish to track 3 Orbit Locator enabled devices, make sure that you purchase 3 Orbit Locator service plans.  Please note that you cannot track smart devices unless the Orbit Locator app has been installed and the device owner has given you permission to track them. 

Service Plan 1.2

  • The Orbit Connected Plan 1.2 supports all GPS telematic devices sold in our GPS Discount Store.  Popular choices include Suntech ST4500, Suntech ST 4940B, Suntech ST 4910, and Micron AT Plus. 


    The Plan 1.2  also supports Orbit Locator enabled devices but it does not support GPS video telematic devices.  Customers interested in adding Orbit Locator, please click here. Customers who are interested in GPS video should look at our GPS Video Plan Series.