GPS video provides many benefits for business owners of all sizes. By selecting GPS video, not only do you get all of the GPS monitoring and tracking features, but you also all get real time video monitoring.



Forward facing & Driver Facing Camera System: SmartWitness The CP2 matches perfectly with the SVA-040 to create a cost effective 2 camera system. This compact system features a 1080p HD wide angle (150°) lens for the forward-facing camera and a driver camera with a 120° lens and infrared for low light conditions. The CP2 w/SVA-040 will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. It does this by recording the following information:



Drivers view of the road (and optionally the driver with the plug n play 2nd camera option), Vehicle Location, Impact Force of Accident, Audio, & Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking, & steering).



Driver's behavior, attentiveness, and reaction to any incident.


This evidence can protect a driver from many of the issues faced on the roads today: Insurance fraud, Staged Accidents, False/Exaggerated Whiplash Claims, Conflicting Reports of Actual Events, Driving Offense Allegations (speeding, traffic signal violations, swerving, etc).​When a SIM card is inserted into the CP2 it is able to send video and driving data to our cloud-based server. Customers can use the CP2 to transmit safety critical video and data via a cellular data account directly to a server to integrate with our proprietary telematic software.

SmartWitness 2 Camera System ( CP2 & SVA 040)

  • To activate the SmartWitness 2-year manufacturer's warranty, all SmartWitness equipment must be installed by a factory trained installer. Orbit Connected has hundreds of certified installers in locations across the country. Installations generally take about one hour and can be performed at any secure location, whether at work or at home.

    One camera system installation is $125. Two camera installations are $150, For three and more camera installations, please call 951-221-3666 for quote.

    Upon purchase call Orbit Connected at 9510-221-3666 to schedule your installation today!

  • The SmartWitness CP-2 is the heart of our one and two camera systems. It is both compact and yet powerful, containing the brain for all of its enhanced features. The CP-2 can be purchased individually as a forward-facing camera or it can be paired with the SmartWitness SVA-040 to add driver monitoring to forward facing incident capture.


    The SmartWitness CP2 is the world’s most advanced incident camera with powerful LTE (or Wi-Fi) video transmission, built-in tracking, and telematics data. Developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic accident, the CP2 provides instant notifications & videos of incidents in less than a minute.


    CP2 features a 1080p wide angle HD camera, 6-Axis G-Sensor/Gyro, Microphone, removable SD storage (up to 128GB), cellular modem, integrated GPS/Glonass receiver, permanent power cable with optional vehicle input sensors, & a tamper-resistant design. An optional 2nd camera ('plug & play') can be connected to the main unit for recording the driver/vehicle interior.