Not everyone knows this, but the GPS software is just as important as, if not more important than, the GPS device itself.  With that said, Orbit Connected offers its customers one of the best software packages in the industry. So, whether your needs are track & trace for a single GPS device or if you are a large fleet manager, we have you covered. 

The software monitoring app defines the user experience. With that said and subject to plan choice, our proprietary software application is a very powerful tool that unlocks all of your GPS device's capabilities combined with extensive analytics and the ability to generate useful reports.  In fact, our advanced software packages go far beyond just performing real-time monitoring and historical track and trace functions, our software packages are also capable of supporting GPS video with multiple cameras and IoT functions that include sensor integration with compatible devices.   

Here are some of the key features available in our advanced plans. 

GPS device tracking, GPS video telematics, Route optimization, Driver phone app, Workforce management, Sensor data reading, Geofence control, Driver behavior monitoring, and Fuel control.  In addition to these key features, our advanced software options also let you run driver assignment and time cards, mileage reports, fuel consumption reports, incident reports and much more. 

Device tracking is straightforward and easy to use. Our software features intuitive commands for tacking to include present location, speed, direction, breadcrumb trails, and much more. Instantly pull up all starts, stops, and waypoints. Monitor in real time or research historical data for up to one full year.  

Device Tracking

GPS Video Telematics gives you the ability to see see the road and your driver. In addition to real-time monitoring, video images and snap shots are stored for up to 1 year. Although GPS tells when and where, video explains why which can be of critical  importance in the event of an accident, potentially saving the fleet operator tens of thousands of dollars.  

Real-time Video 

Route Optimization or logistics is a universal program designed to control all stages of delivery and field service operations. This package allows users to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery – transportation arrangements, transport processes optimization and cost saving. Logistics comprises a web-version for dispatchers and a mobile application for drivers. The web-version ensures effective operating procedure management to include order placement, planning and distribution, Google Maps based routing, delivery process monitoring and coordination. Our logistics mobile app is designed for delivery drivers and mobile employees. 

Route Optimization

Workforce monitoring allows you to closely manage your drivers to more efficiently schedule hours and trips. In addition to monitoring hours, you will also be able to retrieve routes, miles driven and to generate other useful reports such as idle time and more.  

Driver Reports

Sensors and counters can be monitored subject to device capabilities. Our software package includes a library of over 2,000 devices that are fully integrated, to include all device reading capabilities. In other words, if the GPS device can access and transmit the vehicle data, you will be able receive it, process and analysis it. This includes all vehicle data that is accessible through the OBD II port and that is read by the GPS device. 


Subject to device capabilities, other processed functions may include responding to light sensors, thermometer readings, humidity readings, SOS calls, etc.   

Sensor Data

Geofences  can be set for entering and exiting any predetermined area. The geofences may be set by dropping a pin, drawing a hexagon or by simply selecting the route with a set boundary width to the roadway. When triggered an alert is sent to the dispatcher or administrator


Geofences have a wide variety of usages including arriving at a worksite or delivery location, leaving a worksite or a warehouse, entering or exiting a route, and more.  


Driver Assessment and performance can be monitored and measured subject to need and equipment choice.  Our product offerings include devices with various data capture capabilities beyond measurement location and time. Within our portfolio, we have GPD devices that may also capture OBD II port data, or report data from built-in accelerometers, altimeters, thermometers, light sensors and shock sensors.


The captured data when combined with our fleet-quality software permits the fleet manager to run the following reports and more.   Driver mileage, driver timecards, fuel consumption, idle time, vehicle mileage, speeding alerts, and harsh braking, starting and cornering.  

Driver Assessment

Fuel control calculates fuel consumption with incredible accuracy. This feature is extremely useful with large fleets where fuel monitoring, driver efficiency, and theft represent a significant potential loss. 


Fuel Monitoring